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Belted stair climber Jolly

Ideal for straight stairways

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Belted stair climber Jolly

The perfect tool

The belted stair climber Jolly is the ideal solution for straight stairways. No wall mounting neccessary. The patient is transported together with the wheelchair, so it is not requisite to change seat. An operating person directs the stair climber.

Easy manoeuvring on plains and landings by use of the wheels. On stairs the device is easily operated by push buttons.

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Transporting the stair climber Jolly

Since the device is easily demountable into two parts, the stairclimber can be transported by car. Using the push buttons the climber can crawl automatically into the trunk, so no heavy lifting is neccessary.


A large range of accessories is available for the standard model, thus adjusting it on various wheel chairs.

Treppenraupe Jolly

Configuration stair climber Jolly:

  • Adjustable head rest and safety belt
  • Emergency-off button
  • Automatic brakes
  • Belts made of non slip, abrasion resitant vulcanized rubber
  • Double safety desposition
  • Battery charge indicator
  • Inclinometer for stairs
  • Capacity upwards: approximately 50 storeys when transporting 130 kg
  • Maximum stair inclination: 35°, i.e. 70 %
  • Zulässige Neigung der Treppe: bis 35°, d. h. 70 % Steigung
  • Maximum step height: 18 cm
  • 24 months warranty

Jolly Standard

  • Jolly Standard
  • Jolly Standard

Small and compact, can be used in narrow staircases. A large range of adjustable accessories helps to carry many different wheel chair types.

Technical information

Maximum weight to be transported (passenger + wheelchair): 130 kg
A reinforced version for up to 150 kg is available.

Minimum space required on landings:
97 x 97 cm

Weight: 52 kg

Jolly Ramp

  • Jolly Ramp
  • Jolly Ramp

Designed specially for carrying multifunctional wheelchairs, wheelchairs with seating shells and wheelchairs with flexible back rest. The transporting ramps are not detachable.

Technical information

Maximum weight to be transported (passenger + wheelchair):
150 kg

Minimum space required on landings
115 x 115 cm

Weight: 71 kg

Jolly Mini Ramp

  • Jolly Mini Ramp
  • Jolly Mini Ramp

Designed specially to carry wheelchairs of infants and children. The platform is detachable.

Technical information

Maximum weight to be transported (passenger + wheelchair):
150 kg

Minimum space required on landings:
105 x 105 cm

Weight: 70 kg


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